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Free Pumpkin Carving Patterns and Tips

Welcome to the Halloween Attractions FREE pumpkin patterns page.  All pumpkin designs are FREE to download and use on your next pumpkin patch carving project.  We will also add more as the season goes on so please check back often.  Listed under the pumpkin designs are our pumpkin carving tips.  Have a safe and happy Halloween and get ready to carve those pumpkins!
Pumpkin Carving Tips
Tip One:  Pick a nice round pumpkin or a pumpkin with a flat side on the front.  Do not start with a pumpkin that has odd shapes or already showing signs of rotting.
Tip Two:  Get rid of the pumpkin stem by cutting a wide circle around it.  Now, clean the pumpkin guts out.  It is best to do most of this work with your hands then take an ice scream scooper to remove anything stuck to the sides. 
Tip Three:  Take your Halloween Attraction design and tape it right to the pumpkin.  Make sure the surface is dry and clean.  Next, trace the design into the pumpkin with a pumpkin poker.  Simply poke the pattern into the pumpkin by poking holes through the paper.  When you remove the paper you will see the design poked into the pumpkin. Make sure you keep your design handy for reference.
Tip Four:  Use your pumpkin saw to start the process of carving your pumpkin.  Take your time to make cuts and never use a knife to carve your pumpkin. 
Tip Five:  Light your pumpkin.  Today, Halloween stores sell all sorts of battery operated lights, some even strobe and offer other effects.  Depending on what type of design you use will determine how much light and what type of light is required. 
Tip Six:  We suggest heading to your local art store for those fine detail pumpkin carving projects.  Art stores will have all sorts of carving tools for artist who normally sculpt clay or foam.  These carving tools will come in handy to create the highly detailed pumpkin carvings. 
Tip Seven:  HAVE FUN!  Take time to get your kids involved.  This is a family project and what makes Halloween so much fun for most Americans. 
You can click on the images below and print out the template pattern.
Presidential Candidate Barack Obama Free Pumpkin Pattern Presidential Candidate Senator John McCain Free Pumpkin Pattern The Darkness Haunted House Pumpkin Pattern Design
Scary Pumpkin Free Pumpkin Pattern Design Evil Smile Pumpkin Free Pumpkin Pattern Design Dracula and Bat Free Pumpkin Pattern Design
The Dark Skull Free Pumpkin Pattern Design    
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Trick or Treating Halloween Safety Tips

Provides Parents with Halloween Tips to Make Trick or Treating Safe and Fun!

Trick or treating can be and has been dangerous for some children if they do not take safety serious and have parental supervision.  We KNOW trick or treating, because most of our staff tricked and treated until we were 16 years old, and now we take our kids.  So make sure you take all of these tips seriously and ensure your kids have a safe and very spooky Halloween.  If you have tips you'd like to offer please let us know.  Also, do NOT forget to visit your local Halloween Attractions and Haunted Houses.  Be sure to visit the front page of to find haunted houses by state, simply look for the front page map and find a haunt near you.  To find pumpkin patches and the family-friendly Halloween events go to


1)  Do not have your kids wear a costume that drags on the ground. Kids can trip on their own costumes.

2)  Have kids wear a glow necklace or bracelet while they trick or treat.  Have each of your kids wear a different color glow necklace so you know which one is which and who you might be missing even from afar.

3)  Always bring a flash light.

4)  Do not walk in the street; stay on sidewalks.

5)  Wear shoes that fit like tennis shoes.  Flip flops are not recommended.  Do not wear high heels.

6)  Make sure any masks have clear eye holes and have clear breathing holes.  Have the kids double check that they can see and breathe easily BEFORE using at night.

7)  Walk do not RUN!  You'll get have all night!

8)  If your kids bring props such as a wand, a knife or a sword make sure they are flexible not hard or sharp. 

9)  Bring water or Gatoraid in case the kids get thirsty. 

10)  If you plan to trick or treat far from your home, make sure to park the car somewhere you can remember.  Sometimes you can trick or treat for hours in a strange subdivision and when finished you have no clue where you are and the kids are tired.  Here is a tip... trick or treat up and down a street then jump in the car and drive over to the next set of streets.  Keep the car close to where you trick or treat.

11)  Do not walk up to houses that do not have porch lights on. 

12)  Don't trick or treat much past 9:00pm.

13)  Eat before you go out to trick or treat.  Also make sure everyone goes to the bathroom before leaving the house.  

14)  Make sure adults accompany the kids. 

15)  Make sure any costume you buy is flame retardant.  Remember, there are pumpkins out there with candle fire inside!  Some costumes go up in smoke in seconds. Make sure your child's isn't one of them.

16)  Stay away from homes with barking animals.

17)  Bring home the haul and plan to eat every bite, but only AFTER it's been inspected by a parent!  And don't eat it all in one night.  Post-Halloween belly aches are no fun. is your home for everything Halloween and Haunted Houses. Have a safe and Happy Halloween! 

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