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Dave Glover Show Reviews The Darkness

Revcently the ENTIRE Dave Glover show came by and broadcasted live at the new Darkness 2008.  He had these comments to say about the all new Darkness...

"Recently Dave Glover toured the Darkness from talk 97 and said it was better than Disney World. So HOW cool is the new Darkness haunted house 2008? Well let me tell you COOLER THAN ANYTHING YOU HAVE EVER SEEN IN YOUR LIFE... over $200,000.00 was invested into upgrades for the attraction and new things were created that you can see no where else in the entire nation."  by Dan Glover
On top of this the Dan Glover Show uploaded a video of their expereince.  Visit their site here...
Look in the video section for the video of the Darkness.
Come out tonight and experience the all new Darkness 2008.