The Darkness, The Haunting of Lemp Brewery Haunted House and Creepyworld Screampark haunted houses are three of the nations premier haunted attractions located in St. Louis, Missouri.  The Darkness has been featured on Modern Marvels, National Geographic Channel, Travel Channel,  FOX NEWS, USA Today and many more national media outlets.  Creepyworld is one of the nations largest SCREAMPARKS featuring TEN haunted houses in one location for one price.  Creepyworld last year was featured on Travel Channels 'Scariest Haunted Attractions 3'.  The Darkness and Creepyworld totally remodel the attractions each year and push the creative bondaries to be considered two of the scariest and best haunts in America.  To contact us for television shows, interviews about our haunted houses or the haunted house industry use the information below.  Lemp Brewery Haunted House is America's Scariest REAL haunted house.  Contact us for all three below..  Happy Haunting!  Our company also builds haunted houses all over the World and can speak to national and local reporters about any topic related to Halloween or Haunted Houses.

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Between our haunts The Darkness, Haunting at Lemp Brewery and our Scream Park in Fenton Creepyworld have been featured on National Geographic Channel, Modern Marvels, The Today Show, and in publications such as USA Today, Wall Street Journal, HauntWorld Magazine and have been ranked some of the World's best by Hauntworld.com, AOL.com, Yahoo.com and many more.  For press photos, stock video footage, interviews, or live photo or video shoots contact us today.

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Haunted Houses in St. Louis, Missouri just across the river from Illinois The Darkness, The Abyss at Lemp Brewery and Creepyworld are America's best haunted houses.  The Darkness features two floors of fright with high tech animations, special effects, amazing scenes, over 50 live actors and much more.  The Darkness also includes Terror Visions in 3D haunted house with crazed clowns and lastly exit through the all new Monster Museum with real like horror movie props from movie like Saw.  The Darkness is located in downtown St. Louis next to Soulard Market.   

Creepyworld Haunted House Screampark is located in Fenton, Missouri about 20 miles from the Darkness on highway 141 between Arnold and Fenton.  Creepyworld haunted house features TWELVE major haunted attractions in one location!!.  2014 will see Creepyworld Screampark grow to TWELEVE different Haunted Attractions.  Creepyworld is America's  biggest haunted screamparks.

The Abyss at Lemp Brewery Haunted House is DEEP underground inside real caves and caverns of the old Lemp Brewery built in the 1890's.  Over 100 years later the old brewery's caves and caverns are opened to the public only prepare to encounter REAL ghosts and spirits in St. Louis' ONLY REAL haunted house.  Take an elevator several floors below street level and prepare to be dropped off inside area's never before seen by the public where real ghost stories will unfold.  The Lemp Brewery Haunted House is St. Louis' ONLY NEW and REAL haunted house now part of the Scarefest tour of fright.   

 On Scarefest.com you can purchase tickets, find directions, watch videos, check out all of our haunted house photos, and much more.  The two biggest Halloween Haunted Attractions are Creepyworld and the all new Darkness located in St. Louis, Missouri near Illinois.  Last year the Darkness and Creepyworld attracted guests from states as far away as California, Texas, Florida and many more.  Come visit The Darkness, Lemp Brewery Haunted House and Creepyworld and purchase a combo pass and save. 

The best haunted houses in Illinois and Missouri located only on Scarefest.com.


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