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Creepyworld 2013 -  America's Biggest and Longest Haunted Screampark is back and bigger than ever.  In 2013 Creepyworld will feature 10 haunted Attractions for one price in one location including FOUR all NEW haunted houses including The Dark Zone, Evil Dread, The Tool Shed and Carnivorous in 3D.  Creepyworld haunted Screampark is not only the biggest haunted attraction in St Louis but we know of no other haunted attraction in America with more haunted houses than Creepyworld.  When you visit this attraction in 2013 be prepared to experience over an hour of sheer terror inside our four new haunted houses and Ravens Mansion, Drive Inn 666, Silo-X, Hornbuckel Pig Farm, Grisly Gore Zone, plus the Hollywood Pumpkin Display and the Worlds only all dead Zombie Band.  

The admission for Creepyworld has stayed the same price even though its now nearly 30% longer than last year!  
Creepyworld will feature four all new attractions in 2013!



The first new haunted house is called The Dark Zone which puts you into a pitch black maze where you are left to find your way out and through dead bodies, strings of floating heads and amazing effect lights.  The Dark Zone twists you around in circles and raises your fear of being lost and confused.  The second new attraction for 2013 is Carnivorous in 3D where a freaky set of clowns are waiting for you!  Carnivorous in 3D features a band of insane clowns, amazing 3D artwork that appears to float right in front of your face and a spinning black hole tunnel that challenges your equilibrium. 


Next go face to face with a brutal serial killer inside his secret lair known only as The Tool Shed... can you make it through without ending up on his table?  The last attraction and the biggest addition is Evil Dread... there is a cabin in the woods deep in the woods!  Massive hillbillies, demonic monsters, and evil demons roam everywhere looking to eat your living soul and leave you as one of the walking dead.  You must travel through a farm house, past giant monsters, rows of corn stalks,  past dozens of killer ravens and final face to face with an army of evil scarecrows to find safety.  The Evil Dread is the newest and biggest haunted house at Creepyworld 2013!

Creepyworld also features a new and revamped Silo-X haunted house, a new and improved Ravens Mansion plus Hornbuckel Hog Farm, and Drive Inn 666 which features real Hollywood Movies.  Creepyworld also offers the return of the Zombie Paintball Haunted Hayride as a seperate upcharge of only $5.00... board a hayride and shoot over 100 animated and static zombie targets over a 1/4 mile track in the DARK!  We have changed the hayride for 2014 to drive in complete darkness, and when you stumble upon a hoard of zombies suddenly lights will come on and fire your guns to keep the zombies away from the hayride.  The all new Zombie Paintball Hayride will only allow a limited number of tickets to be sold each night to lmiit the wait times and offer a better experience.  We strongly suggest you buy your tickets online and add the hayride to your ticket to ensure a ticket to the hayride. 

2013 will be the biggest YEAR OF FEAR at Creepyworld ever!  Creepyworld is without any doubt the biggest, longest, and best value in America not to mention St Louis!
Creepyworld will be featured in 2013 on Travel Chanels Most Extreme Halloween Show!


We'll see you at Creepyworld 2013... fear is here at Creepyworld Haunted Screampark!





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