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Tombstone Haunted Hayride located in St. Louis, Missouri inside the Creepyworld Haunted Screampark in Fenton is St. Louis' only haunted hayride.  Tombstone Haunted Hayride is one attraction of SEVEN haunted attractions in one location for one price.  Tombstone haunted hayride features awesome sets, pyrotechnics, animations, live actors and much much more.

There are new scenes inside the haunted hayride this year including FORT FEAR where solidiers are defending the Fort from zombies.  Cannon balls fly overhead and massive exposions send water sky high!  Additionally more pyrotechnics have been added, more animations have been added and more screams for 2010. 


Keep your eyes peeled for zombie gunfighters because the bullets are flying overhead.  At one point the hayride pulls up to one part of the town where the undead gunfighters catch you in an old fashion shoot out.  Travel through the old barn where several heads are known to drop down on you from time to time.  Watch out for the falling church building that could crash right down onto your heads!   Stay clear of the all new trainstation where they take the souls of the living to to the souls of the dead.


Tombstone Haunted Hayride is one of the most elbaborte haunted hayrides in America wth Hollywood quality sets, design and effects.  Tombstone Haunted Hayride is included with your ticket to the all-new Creepyworld. 

Make sure to purchase your tickets online this year to save time at the box office... PRINT YOUR TICKETS AT HOME ON YOUR PRINTER then just walk right up and into the attraction lines.  No waiting in ticket lines what so ever!!!!  


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