The Darkness - Creepyworld and The Abyss OPEN THIS Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday
Thu, October 01, 2015

All three of St Louis' scariest haunted houses will open this weekend The Darkness in Soulard, The Abyss underground inside Lemp Brewery and Creepyworld America's biggest and longest haunted screampark. 


THE ABYSS IS St Louis Scariest REAL haunted house deep underground where no one an hear you scream... The Abyss is open this Thursday 7-9:30 and Friday/Saturday 7-12am and Sunday 7-9:30pm

THE DARKNESS is America's Scariest Haunted House with two floors of fear and a new outdoor SCARE ZONE filled with monsters... The Darkness is open this Thursday 7-9:30pm Friday/Saturday 7-12am and Sunday 7-9:30pm

CREEPYWORLD is America's BIGGEST Haunted Screampark with 13 HAUNTED ATTRACTIONS in one location including two all new haunted houses... Creepyworld is open this Thursday 7-9:30pm and Friday/Saturday 7-12am and Sunday 7-9:30pm. 

BUY TICKETS ONLINE and save time waiting at each attraction.  Speed passes are CHEAPER ONLINE than at the ticket window.  BUY TICKETS ONLINE CLICK HERE! 


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Fri, September 11, 2015

St Louis' Scariest Haunted Houses The Darkness, Creepyworld and The Abyss tickets are ON SALE NOW!   Go to right now and order your tickets today!    The Darkness will open Friday and Saturday September 18/19th from 7 to 11pm.  Creepyworld will open teh following weekend September 25th and 26th while The Abyss will open the first weekend in October 2,3 and 4th.   If you buy your tickets ONLINE you will NOT wait in ANY ticketing line and save a ton fo time.  The best deal is to buy the TRILOGY OF TERROR TICKET where you get one ticket to each haunted house for the lowest price of $60.00 which includes a FREE speed pass to each attraction. 

Get your tickets ONLINE NOW!


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The Abyss Haunted House - Scariest Real Haunted House is Coming 2015
Sat, September 05, 2015
St Louis are you ready to go deep underground into real caves and caverns in complete darkness?  The Abyss is an EXTREME haunted houses where guests decend underground 5 stories in a place with no light, where creatures roam looking for blood.  The Abyss will be the scariest EVER in 2015.  People try to break into the Lemp all the time and sometimes they go missing... watch new found footage of one such attempt to explore what really exists under the old Lemp Brewery.  The Abyss will open the first weekend of October.  Are you ready to SCREAM?

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Thu, September 03, 2015

Within the next couple of days the tickets for all three of our haunted houses will go on sale.  We will for a 48 hour window offer a MASSIVE discount on ALL tickets if ordered now.  Stay tuned to our website for the offical announcement for discounted tickets to The Darkness, Creepyworld and The Abyss.  Additionally we wanted to announce each year we produce new videos for our haunts... the first video will release within 48 hours on The Abyss.  The Darkness 2015 promo video will release sometime early next week.  The Creepyworld new promo videos will release the following week.  So stay tuned to our website or facebook pages for all the announcements coming soon!


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Extreme Zombie Laser Tag Coming to The Darkness April 2015
Wed, August 26, 2015
Extreme Zombie Laser Tag is coming to The Darkness in April 2015.  Guests will suit up in military gear, arm themselves with military weapons and enter a secret lab filled with zombies.  Once inside the lab you will shoot and kill as many REAL zombies as possible.  Put together your team and fight zombies.  We will be taking bookings very soon.  The attraction will be built in the building connected to The Darkness Haunted Houses.  Additionally several escape games will be built.  Book your entire office and challenge yourself to Zombie laser tag or escape room games coming to The Darkness April 2016.  The new zombie laser tag game will be called Silo-X Zombie Xtraction.  The new attraction will also double up as an extreme zombie themed haunted house October 2016.  The Darkness will transform into a year around HORROR attraction with haunted houses, zombie laser tag, escape room games and much more.  Guests will get free gated parking and the best interactive zombie experience of their lives.  Coming April 2015.

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