St Louis Scareist Haunted Houses To Return
Wed, April 08, 2015

The Darkness, Creepyworld and Abyss will return this coming October scarier than EVER BEFORE!  The Darkness is already renovated and ready to go.  Very soon look for a video which showcases everything new at The Darkness Haunted House 2015.   The Abyss at Lemp Brewery opened as an all new ALL DARK haunted house and in 2015 we are ramping up the SCREAMS.  Lastly Creepyworld will expand to 13 different haunted attractions including two all-new haunted houses for 2015. 

Lastly The Darkness will open this May for a ONE NIGHT special event... The Darkness will open May 23rd, 2015 7pm to 10pm.  More details coming soon!

We will start to update the websites very soon!  Stay tuned!

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The Darkness Transworld Haunt Show Tradeshow Tour - Tickets On Sale
Sat, January 10, 2015

The biggest haunted house tour of the year is The Darkness Haunt Tour during the Transworld Halloween and Haunted House tradeshow.  The Darkness will open for the haunted house tradeshow for the sixth year straight for the haunted house industry.  Each year The Darkness is totally renovated to showcase cutting edge scenic design, special fx, and never before scene animations.  Several of the biggest companies in the haunt industry are creating one of a kind props and animations for the tour such as Unit 70, Gore Galore and Ghost Ride Productions.  Halloween Productions the WORLDS biggest supplier of complete haunted houses is desiging, rebuilding and theming The Darkness for this once a year event.

This year The Darkneess will include several all-new scenes and several renovated or upgraded rooms.  The Darkness features two floors of fright plus Terror Visions 3D and the Monster Museum.  The Darkness will see several new scenes and upgrades on the first floor including one major new room called the 'Worm Cave'.  HPI is doing more foam carving work to create a natural looking cave which contains man eating worms.  Additionally the downstairs area will see major upgrades throughout the main floor including new spider room, new animations and more.  Upstairs will see the biggest renovations including an attic room filled with new CGI FX and creatures crawling on the walls and ceiling.  HPI is also building a haunted library which will feature SEVEN CGI FX, a never before attemped falling wall, and the most amazing detail work ever attempted inside The Darkness.

Terror Visions will also feature a new scene replacing the old Magic room with a new Scary Puppet Show and much more.  Additionally digital actor activated sound scares will be added throughout The Darkness to create more scares.  The Darkness will also feature an entire cast of outdoor monsters, sliders and creatures to scare while you wait. 

The Darkness will host two events first on Thursday night with a special behind the scenes tour and Saturday with LIVE ACTORS!

The Abyss Haunted House inside the OLD LEMP BREWERY will also open for the tour on Friday night.   The Abyss is a new concept where guests are plunged deep underground inside real caves and caverns in complete darkness.  Get your tickets today at

Join the TOUR FACEBOOK PAGE for daily updates CLICK HERE or Subscribe to the YOUTUBE PAGE for video updates CLICK HERE

Check out the video from LAST YEARS TOUR and see what the industry thought of the Darkness tour.  Get your tickes today because tickets are cheaper in January.

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Happy Holidays - See you Next Year
Mon, November 10, 2014

Happy Holidays from your fiends at Darkness, Creepyworld and Abyss.  We will return in 2015 bigger, and scarier than ever.  The Darkness will TRIPLE in size ... we purchased a building next door to Darkness and will introduce an all new attraction in 2015.  Additionally now that we own both buildings we are closing the street in front of Darkness and will turn this into an outdoor attractions... rather than just waiting in line the outdoor will feature monsters.  The Darkness will go from three attractions (The Darkness, Terror Visions and Monster Museum) to a new haunted house and an outdoor scare zone.  The Darkness in 2015 will be FIVE attractions in one location!

Creepyworld will also expand and become even bigger than it already is including an all new hayride and two additional haunted houses.

Have a great holiday and we'll see you next year!



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Last weekend ...prepare to scream
Fri, November 07, 2014


Watch PEOPLE SCREAMING at our haunted houses this season!

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LAST WEEKEND - Special Savings
Tue, November 04, 2014
The Darkness - Creepyworld and The Abyss will open one last weekend November 7th and 8th from 730pm to 1130pm.

Each year we change our haunted house drastically and 2015 you will expierence the most radical change in our history.  Look for major announcements about the changes coming to our attractions within days after the 2014 season ends.  In the meantime we hope you come out ONE LAST WEEKEND!  We want to extend our thanks to our haunt fans with a massive discount.

Click the Buy Ticket Button below and type in promo code 'november' and SAVE on all speed pass tickets:  $20 off triple combo ticket with speed, any double combo ticket for $30 dollars, and any single ticket with speed for $15.00 each.  OFFER EXPIRES FRIDAY AT 12:01am.


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