The Lemp Brewery Haunted Attraction St. Louis, Missouri


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Lemp Brewery Haunted House is the ONLY REAL haunted house in St. Louis, Missouri / Illinois area and one of the scariest haunted ghost stories in American History.  Are you ready to go deep underground where no one can hear you scream?  The Lemp Haunted House is located at 3500 Lemp Avenue just off South Broadway and or down the street from The Darkness in Soulard.  If you are looking to visit the scariest haunted Halloween attraction in America visit The Lemp Brewery haunted house.  You will walk down a spiral staircase and been taken down several levesl underground and dropped off into the old caves and caverns under the Lemp Brewery and under the streets of St. Louis.  Prepare to SCREAM!  Prepare to to experince REAL ghosts and evil spirts still lurking the old brewery for over 100 years! 

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