Cellar Escape Room
Thu, May 12, 2016
Ttry and escape a killers  cellar before he returns to finish the job.  You have 60 minutes.  Learn more at www.stlouisescape.com 
Mummy Escape Adventure - Preview
Sat, May 07, 2016
Check out the preview of America's best Escape Room - Mummy Adventure Escape Room located in St Louis Missouri.  Learn more at www.stlouisescape.com 
Extreme Zombie Laser Tag at Silo-X
Tue, April 26, 2016
Watch a preview of the new Zombie Laser Tag Extreme zombie hunting at the new Silo-X Haunted House inside The Darkness Haunted House.  www.thedarkness.com 
The Darkness behind the scenes tour 2016
Tue, April 26, 2016
Go behind the scenes of Darkness 2016.  
Zombie Laser Tag Silo-X at The Darkness
Tue, April 12, 2016
Watch what people had to say about the all new Zombie Laser tag game now at The Darkness inside the all new Silo-X.  Learn more at www.stlouisescape.com 
The Abyss Haunted House 2015 - Beware do not head underground
Sat, September 05, 2015
Are you ready for The Abyss Haunted House 2015.  Watch what happens when people sneak into the old Lemp Brewery looking to explore the caves and caverns with this found footage video.  Are you ready for the scareist real haunted house in St Louis?
Behind the Scenes at Lemp The Abyss Haunted House
Wed, August 26, 2015
The entire haunted house industry toured the all new Abyss Haunted House... go behind the scenes from the tour in March 2015.  A new video of all the most recent updates to Lemp Abyss is coming soon.
The Abyss People Get Scared
Tue, October 07, 2014
Watch people get scared inside The Abyss haunted house.  Trapped deep underground where no one can hear you scream.  Learn more at www.scarefest.com
Scariest Haunted House in America - The Abyss at Lemp Brewery
Fri, August 22, 2014
This video is very scary featuring a haunted house in St Louis Missouri deep underground the Lemp Brewery inside real Caves and Caverns.  The Abyss takes you underground in pure darkness where you are alone with nothing to guide you be pure insticts while be surrounded by albino creatures looking to devour your flesh. Learn more about The Abyss at www.scarefest.com
Terror Visions Crazy Clowns Unleashed!
Tue, August 19, 2014
Terror Visions is the World's Best 3D Haunted House located in St Louis inside the all new Darkness haunted house.  The haunted house is filled with special fx, amazing 3D and much more.  Learn more at www.Scarefest.com
The Darkness Live Tour Experience During Transworld 2014
Wed, April 23, 2014
Watch nearly 2000 haunted house owners visit The Darkness Haunted House during the 2014 Transworld Halloween and Haunted House Show.  The Darkness is one of America's best haunted houses. 
St Louis Rams Cheerleaders Come to The Darkness Haunted House to Scream
Sat, October 26, 2013
Rams Cheerleaders come to The Darkness and prepare to scream!  Check it out!  Learn more at www.scarefest.com
Halloween Craziests Travel Channel TV Show The Haunting of Lemp Brewery
Sat, October 19, 2013
Watch the show called Halloween Craziest which featured The Haunting of Lemp Brewery.  Learn the history of the Lemp Family and the haunted house. Learn more at www.scarefest.com
Haunting of Lemp Brewery with Camera Attached to Guests.
Fri, October 18, 2013
Watch people travel through the Haunting of Lemp with cameras attached to them. 
The Haunting of Lemp Brewery and The Aybss
Tue, October 08, 2013
Check out the new video of Haunting of Lemp Brewery and the Aybss.  This is the scariest real haunted house in America.
The Haunting of Lemp Brewery 2012
Sat, September 22, 2012
One of the scariest REAL haunted houses is located in downtown St. Louis Missouri inside the Lemp Brewery Complex. Check out all the details about one of the World's scariest haunted houses located right here in ST LOUIS!
Sun, July 29, 2012
There is NO doubt that the new Haunting of Lemp Brewery is HAUNTED check out the new logo and intro to the attraction. The Haunting is the ONLY REAL haunted house in St. Louis.
The Haunting of Lemp Haunt Tour Video
Wed, July 04, 2012
In March of 2012 the entire haunted house industry came to St. Louis Missouri for the annual tradeshow. The Haunting of Lemp opened for the entire industry and we created this video to showcase what the industry thought of the all new Haunting at Lemp. The Haunting at Lemp is a ghostly experience featuring real ghosts, inside a real haunted house deep underground. Now watch the video and see the all new HAUNTING OF LEMP! The Haunting of Lemp Brewery will open September 2012!
Lemp Brewery Haunted House 2011
Sat, October 01, 2011
Learn all the details about St. Louis Scariest Haunted House deep underground in real caves and caverns in a place where NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM! Lemp Haunted House is bigger, longer and scarier than ever.
Lemp Brewery Haunted House 2011 - Haunt Tour
Wed, August 24, 2011
Watch and see what the entire HAUNTED HOUSE INDUSTRY thought of the all new 2011 Lemp Brewery Haunted House which was opened for the haunt industry back in March.
Building The Lemp Brewery First Season
Wed, August 24, 2011
Watch a video of our team trying to build The Lemp Brewery the very first year. See what our team went through to open the very first year and what is in store for the second year.
Fri, October 08, 2010
Learn all the details about the Lemp Brewery Haunted House and the history of The Lemps Brewery Dynasty. Learn all the details watch the video below.


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