The Darkness
Terror Visions 3D Haunted House / Horror Musuem 

Are you ready to experience the best haunted house in America?  How deep into the depths of The Darkness can you take before your next breath is your last?  The all new Darkness Haunted House, located in Soulard, off South Broadway in downtown St. Louis, Missouri, has been rated as America's BEST haunted house.  Missouri haunted houses have become known for Halloween and none more than the KING of scream: The Darkness Haunted House.  In 2013 The Darkness haunted house celebrates its 20th Year of Fear!  Prepare to Scream!

Each year, The Darkness is totally renovated; sometimes as much as a million dollars is spent to renovate The Darkness each season.  The Darkness is not like any other haunted house you’ve ever experienced.  Because of its national reputation, the creative team behind this St. Louis haunted house believe they must go above and beyond what any other haunt across the nation can do.  The Darkness continues to set the standard across the World for what a premier haunted attraction should be modeled after.
The Darkness has been haunting St. Louis, Missouri since 1994, making this our 20th year of fear.  The Darkness is now three haunted attractions in one location for one price including the two story Darkness Haunted House, Terror Visions 3D Haunted House and the Monster Museum and gift store.


So what’s new at The Darkness for 2013 the official 20th season?  The Darkness was totally renovated with new scenes, props, animations, and special FX we've never before attempted. Last year we added sections of The Darkness featureing a live reptile section which includes real Cobras, Scorpions, Pythons and Piranhas.  This year to celebrate the 20th year of fear we've totally renovated The Darkness Haunted House to make it the best ever!

In 2013 our team of special FX artists have created the best Darkness ever!  Terror Visions 3D had a massive overhaul including all new scenes including new CGI FX, animations and much more.  The Darkness itself now features several new rooms including a massive overhaul to the upstairs section to including over 10 new scenes.   Additionally The Darkness upstairs sections features an all new ZOMBIE section with all sorts of ZOMBIE special fx including a FLYING zombie!  Yes a Zombie will fly across the ceiling taking bites right out of your brain!  The upstairs section also features a never before seen ZOMBIE effect room where it appears thousands of ZOMBIES are walking right at you!   ZOMBIES ARE EVERYWHERE IN THE ALL NEW DARKNESS 2013!  Other new scenes including the Reapers Cave, Silent Sanitarium, Dinner of the Dead and the Lost Graveyard.

If you survive the all new Darkness, the fear doesn't end.  Now, you must face your worst visions of terror inside Terror Visions 3D Haunted House.  Terror Visions is THE BEST 3D haunted attraction ever!  New for 2013, Terror Visions includes a new interactive que line, new CGI FX and much more. Terror Visions in 3D also features more than 20 animations designed to make you SCREAM for your life!

Once you exit Terror Visions 3D Haunted House, you'll enter our Monster Museum which now features a larger than life sized replica of the new Wolfman, Frankenstien, Pumpkinhead, Predator, Alien, and even the real puppet from Saw.  Once inside, bring your cameras and take pictures with all your favorite movie monsters from Wolfman, Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Incredible Hulk, Darkness from Legend and more.  Also featured inside the Monster Museum is the Slackers Gift Shop filled with monster movie collectables and of course, Darkness t-shirts!   LASTLY WE ALSO FEATURE AN INTERACTIVE QUE LINE ENTERTAINMENT SHOW WHILE YOU WAIT IN LINE FOR THE DARKNESS... ALL NEW IN 2013.  Dracula sings while Frankenstien is a DJ in this 50 motion animated show entertaining guests while they wait entry to the all new Darkness.  This is the Darkness haunted houses 20th year and the best ever. 
The Darkness will also be featured on the Travel Channel TV Show Making Monsters.




This first video is a preview of the all new Darkness Haunted filmed during the 2013 Halloween Haunted House Tradeshow



We’re looking forward to seeing you this Halloween season at the all new Darkness Haunted House.


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Missouri Haunted House The Darkness located in St. Louis, Missouri.  The Darkness is the best haunted house in Illinois or Missouri rated the best haunted house by the haunt industry, one of the scariest haunted houses in America by USA Today,,,,, Fangoria Magazine, and featured on Modern Marvels, National Geographic Channel, Travel Channel, Today Show, Fox News, and many, many more. The Darkness is totally renovated each year and pushes the limits of reality.  The Darkness is beyond a haunted house its like putting yoruself in the middle of a big budget horror movie where you are the STAR of the movie.  The Darkness features sets, animations, monsters and much more.  Visit the best haunted house in St. Louis, Missouri this Halloween season 2013.
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