St Louis Best and Scariest Haunted Houses UPDATE JULY 2015
Fri, July 03, 2015

Attention FRIGHT FAN

The biggest and scariest haunted houses in St Louis are about to get even scarier and more interactive than EVER!  We wanted to let you know that our website will be updated within 2 weeks with all the details about the 2015 Halloween season.  So please keep checking back.  We are currently updating our layout and once that is complete all the details about each attraction will be added including times, dates, pricing and more.

Here is the quick update about each haunted house.

THE DARKNESS:  What is new?  For one while you wait in line outside we have added a giant movie screen which will show horror movies every weekend.  Additionally outside we will feature tons of monsters, zombies and more scaring you while you wait.  Inside The Darkness we have added all new scenes, tons of animations, and made the haunted house LONGER than last year.  New scenes include a giant man eating worm, the most elaborate scene we've ever built is the new haunted library and a possessed attic scene.   Terror Visions in 3D also has all new scenes including crazy clowns who jump from the ceiling then bounce back out of site to all new scary animations.  The Darkness will feature new special FX focused on SCARING YOU PERIOD END OF STORY! 

The Darkness Horror Museum is all new as well with a green screen photo op where you can purchase a 3D PHOTO!  The Darkness horror museum will also include a new game a zombie operation game... film your friends playing and share online.  Lastly out front of The Darkness will be a MONSTER PHOTO OP where you can take pictures with YOUR phone and share via your social media.  Basically you can take pictures with our scariest monsters in front of the Darkness photo op.   The Darkness will open in mid-September.

CREEPYWORLD:  What is new?  Creepyworld will also feature a giant movie screen for those waiting in line showing horror movies!!!   Creepyworld will also feature a new MONSTER PHOTO OP where you can take pictures with monsters and share on social media.  Creepyworld will also features TWO ALL NEWS haunted houses including a zombie infested graveyard and a Doll House Haunted Mansion.  Creepyworld will be the biggest haunted house in St Louis History with 13 Attractions in ONE LOCATION.

THE ABYSS AT LEMP:  What is new?  Last year people screamed in fear after being placed deep underground in pure darkness left to find their way.  This year we've ramped up the fear of this new concept by adding NEW scares that lunge out at guests when you least expect it.  The Abyss will be the scariest haunted house in St Louis.



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Tue, May 05, 2015

This year at the all new Darkness Haunted house watch people scream, video tape your friends, screaming while playing the WORLDS ONLY ZOMBIE OPERATION GAME!  ITS FREE!  Just make sure you VIDEO TAPE THEM and share on your social media so your friends can laugh when they JUMP OUT OF THIER SKIN!

COME to the Darkness this year and watch your friends SCREAM! 


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The Darkness Haunted House Tour Video Review
Tue, April 14, 2015

Last month (March 2015)  The Darkness once again opened for the ENTIRE haunted house industry during the Transworld 2015 Halloween and Haunted House Tradeshow.  The Darkness amazed haunted house owners with attention to detail, custom animations, and much more.  Over 1000 different haunted house owners and operators attended The Darkness 2015.  This year during the Transworld show several haunted houses opened from The Abyss at Lemp Brewery, The Darkness, pre-tours to Talon Falls and a haunted house located in Wright City Phobious. 

The Darkness is always the major haunted house tour simply because its located 2 miles from the convention center and because each year its TOTALLY renovated for the haunt industry.

The Darkness tour included a behind the scenes tour with dinner, and even a live tour with scary actors.  Gore Galore showed up with several oversized costumes and did a parade of the dead. The Darkness featured actors scaring people inside and outside.

Watch the video below and SUBSCRIBE to the Hauntworld Youtube Channel!

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St Louis Scareist Haunted Houses To Return
Wed, April 08, 2015

The Darkness, Creepyworld and Abyss will return this coming October scarier than EVER BEFORE!  The Darkness is already renovated and ready to go.  Very soon look for a video which showcases everything new at The Darkness Haunted House 2015.   The Abyss at Lemp Brewery opened as an all new ALL DARK haunted house and in 2015 we are ramping up the SCREAMS.  Lastly Creepyworld will expand to 13 different haunted attractions including two all-new haunted houses for 2015. 

Lastly The Darkness will open this May for a ONE NIGHT special event... The Darkness will open May 23rd, 2015 7pm to 10pm.  More details coming soon!

We will start to update the websites very soon!  Stay tuned!

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The Darkness Transworld Haunt Show Tradeshow Tour - Tickets On Sale
Sat, January 10, 2015

The biggest haunted house tour of the year is The Darkness Haunt Tour during the Transworld Halloween and Haunted House tradeshow.  The Darkness will open for the haunted house tradeshow for the sixth year straight for the haunted house industry.  Each year The Darkness is totally renovated to showcase cutting edge scenic design, special fx, and never before scene animations.  Several of the biggest companies in the haunt industry are creating one of a kind props and animations for the tour such as Unit 70, Gore Galore and Ghost Ride Productions.  Halloween Productions the WORLDS biggest supplier of complete haunted houses is desiging, rebuilding and theming The Darkness for this once a year event.

This year The Darkneess will include several all-new scenes and several renovated or upgraded rooms.  The Darkness features two floors of fright plus Terror Visions 3D and the Monster Museum.  The Darkness will see several new scenes and upgrades on the first floor including one major new room called the 'Worm Cave'.  HPI is doing more foam carving work to create a natural looking cave which contains man eating worms.  Additionally the downstairs area will see major upgrades throughout the main floor including new spider room, new animations and more.  Upstairs will see the biggest renovations including an attic room filled with new CGI FX and creatures crawling on the walls and ceiling.  HPI is also building a haunted library which will feature SEVEN CGI FX, a never before attemped falling wall, and the most amazing detail work ever attempted inside The Darkness.

Terror Visions will also feature a new scene replacing the old Magic room with a new Scary Puppet Show and much more.  Additionally digital actor activated sound scares will be added throughout The Darkness to create more scares.  The Darkness will also feature an entire cast of outdoor monsters, sliders and creatures to scare while you wait. 

The Darkness will host two events first on Thursday night with a special behind the scenes tour and Saturday with LIVE ACTORS!

The Abyss Haunted House inside the OLD LEMP BREWERY will also open for the tour on Friday night.   The Abyss is a new concept where guests are plunged deep underground inside real caves and caverns in complete darkness.  Get your tickets today at www.thedarkness.com

Join the TOUR FACEBOOK PAGE for daily updates CLICK HERE or Subscribe to the YOUTUBE PAGE for video updates CLICK HERE

Check out the video from LAST YEARS TOUR and see what the industry thought of the Darkness tour.  Get your tickes today because tickets are cheaper in January.

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Haunted Houses in St. Louis, Missouri just across the river from Illinois The Darkness, The Abyss at Lemp Brewery and Creepyworld are America's best haunted houses.  The Darkness features two floors of fright with high tech animations, special effects, amazing scenes, over 50 live actors and much more.  The Darkness also includes Terror Visions in 3D haunted house with crazed clowns and lastly exit through the all new Monster Museum with real like horror movie props from movie like Saw.  The Darkness is located in downtown St. Louis next to Soulard Market.   

Creepyworld Haunted House Screampark is located in Fenton, Missouri about 20 miles from the Darkness on highway 141 between Arnold and Fenton.  Creepyworld haunted house features TWELVE major haunted attractions in one location!!.  2014 will see Creepyworld Screampark grow to TWELEVE different Haunted Attractions.  Creepyworld is America's  biggest haunted screamparks.

The Abyss at Lemp Brewery Haunted House is DEEP underground inside real caves and caverns of the old Lemp Brewery built in the 1890's.  Over 100 years later the old brewery's caves and caverns are opened to the public only prepare to encounter REAL ghosts and spirits in St. Louis' ONLY REAL haunted house.  Take an elevator several floors below street level and prepare to be dropped off inside area's never before seen by the public where real ghost stories will unfold.  The Lemp Brewery Haunted House is St. Louis' ONLY NEW and REAL haunted house now part of the Scarefest tour of fright.   

 On Scarefest.com you can purchase tickets, find directions, watch videos, check out all of our haunted house photos, and much more.  The two biggest Halloween Haunted Attractions are Creepyworld and the all new Darkness located in St. Louis, Missouri near Illinois.  Last year the Darkness and Creepyworld attracted guests from states as far away as California, Texas, Florida and many more.  Come visit The Darkness, Lemp Brewery Haunted House and Creepyworld and purchase a combo pass and save. 

The best haunted houses in Illinois and Missouri located only on Scarefest.com.

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