OPENS SEPT. 22, 2017


The Darkness Haunted House Whats New 2017

What's New Darkness 2017 

The Darkness is America's Scariest Haunted House and now is one of the biggest haunted attractions in America.  Every year The Darkness adds new attractions, screams, monsters and more.  In 2017 we've added more new attractions and haunted houses than ever before.  2017 will be the best year to experience the all-new Darkness located downtown next to Soulard Market just one mile from Ball Park Village.

NEW 2017

St Louis Escape:  We now have added four escape rooms including the all-new Haunted Hotel Escape, Party Rooms, and more.  St Louis Escape now has four escape rooms including Cellar, Hotel, Subway and Mummy.  When you visit The Darkness you can also book an escape room and do both the same night.  To book our escape rooms go to 

Keep in mind you can book escape rooms on site or online.  

Zombie Laser Tag:  Every single Thursday night in October The Darkness will feature ZOMBIE LASER TAG where you HUNT - KILL - DESTROY ZOMBIES. Each player will get a military style weapon and your team will attempt to eradicate zombies.   Keep in mind when you buy tickets online CLICK HERE The Darkness includes Zombie Laser Tag for only $29.95 (Save $5.05).  At the door to add the Zombie Laser Tag is an extra $10.00 per person.
 Buy online. 

Silo-X Zombie Haunt:  Friday thru Wednesday the Darkness features an all-new haunted house where the ZOMBIES HUNT YOU!  When you buy your tickets ONLINE Silo-X is included with The Darkness for only $29.95 (Save $5.05).  Tickets to Silo-X at the door are $10.00 per person.  This is an intense zombie experience. 

3 Minute Escape/Monster Museum:  As you exit the all-new Darkness you travel thru the Monster Museum/Gift Store.  Inside you can take tons of photos with Hollywood movie monsters including new ones such as The Shape from Halloween.  We're opening a 3 minute escape room which opens in October 2017.  The 3 Minute Escape room is an intense horror themed escape room.  Yes it is scary!  You have 3 minutes to escape or die!  You can book online starting in October or buy at the exit of The Darkness.  Cost $5.00 per person. 

The Darkness:  The Darkness features all-new section which has now made The Darkness longer than ever.  The Darkness now features a massive dark zone section which is scarier than anything we've ever added.  The new dark zone section leaves guests lost fearing everything around them and never knowing what is in front of them.  Can you survive your darkest scariest fears?  Find out inside the all-new Darkness Haunted House